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As an Emmy-watching treat, I made some Mycroft blend-infused cake balls!

I used this recipe, with a minor tweak (brewed the tea in a bit more than 1/2 cup of milk, rather than brewing it in water and then adding milk), to make a batch of cupcakes.


  • Make your cupcakes like normal. You can also make a cake, but my poorly-stocked apartment kitchen does not include a cake pan, so cupcakes it is. 
  • Let the cupcakes cool a bit and then crumble them to bits in a large bowl. Enjoy the unique sensation of sifting your hands through warm cupcake crumbs. 
  • Add a tub of cream cheese frosting and mix it real good. I also dumped a bunch of cinnamon in my mix, because it was like WOW HELLO CREAM CHEESE so we needed some spice to balance it out.
  • Stick it in the freezer for a good while so the mix sets. If you don’t, it’ll crumble to pieces and you won’t be able to dip the balls in chocolate and you will be sad.
  • You’ll probably want to roll the mix into balls and then stick them back in the freezer for a little longer. 
  • Take a second to enjoy a good balls joke. Balls, heh.
  • When you’re ready, melt your chocolate. I used white chocolate almond bark for these. Break off a hunk, nuke it for about a minute, stir it up, add another hunk. You’ll probably want to just go ahead and melt the whole package, you’ll probably use it. 
  • Dipping is a little tricky. I discovered that we did not actually have toothpicks in the apartment, so I used a fork, to dubious results. My friend tells me to just use spoons, but that didn’t work well when we tried it. Just buy toothpicks.
  • Set the dipped balls on wax paper (or a cut-up extra large ziplock bag, if you’re cool like me and didn’t think to buy wax paper) and then freeze them. The chocolate should be good and set within a few minutes. 
  • Feel incredibly decadent while you sob over Benedict and Martin in formal wear. 
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